Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Struggles of being eighteen nearly nineteen 06/06/18

1) Eyebrows – I’m being serious, who knew that the key to happiness, success and probably immortality was having ‘fleeky’ eyebrows according to every article aimed at teenagers and the Discover page on snapchat (I had to look up the official name, in my head I call it wasting my time when I should be writing essays – which is what I should really being doing now). But seriously I don’t know how anyone expects me to be productive when my eyebrows are non-existent – side-effect of being strawberry-blonde ginger.
2) Instagram – need I say more? It’s not so much my Instagram page it’s the fact that I torture myself at looking at random blondes I have never met and lust over the fact they are always at the beach and look perfect in a bikini (I mean who has the energy to always be completely hairless and always have perfect skin when they wake up?) I don’t know why I’m so addicted especially when I know it’s not real or attainable but I’m still sucked in by their glamourous/girl next door lifestyle where everything is #nofilter #iwokeuplikethis (just to let you know that is the first time I used a # ! #hashtagvirgin – am I doing this right?!!) We all know that they probably used at least 10 filters, had a professional photographer and took 200 photos to get the perfect one, so why do we all still kid ourselves that it is #candid? Anyway could probably rant about this for days but moving on to #3 (am I getting the hang of the hashtag?)
3) Being taken seriously – because really how can we be taken seriously when the whole world characterises us by number 1 and 2 (eyebrows and Instagram). According to our parents/trachers/media we are obsessed with superficial things such as eyebrows and Instagram (and I’m not going to lie they are probably right), but is this really our fault when everything around us is about those 2 things? (rhetorical question so you guys can pause and think hard on this serious question) It’s so frustrating waiting to be seen as a person with actual ideas and thoughts about the world that don’t revolve around the Kardasians.
So basically, this is a rant about how hard my life is (white girl problems right?), but sadly this is actually a serious problem and although I have (hopefully) written this in tongue and cheek, there is a link with the rise in social anxiety and the rise in social media and this is because we try and live in a virtual reality where the less real things are the more they are #goals. So in three shortish, superficial bullet points I have managed to sum up the struggles of being eighteen nearly nineteen – pathetic right?

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